Feliz just looked awful and Towles didn't have one good

Feliz just looked awful and Towles didn't have one good AB.Manzella at least hit a double and scored a run.And if the guys look THIS bad against Bronson Arroyo, imagine how they are gonna look tomorrow against Tommy Hanson and the replica Longines L1.645.6.75.4 watch Braves, who I know are on a losing streak of their own, but the Stros haven't exactly thrived at Turner field…Let's just say it was ugly.I hardly know where to start, but I guess it begins with Bud.The boy either can't find the strike zone at all, throws hittable strikes or throws unhittable strikes.

threw another low ball to the next hitter, Pena, then hung a curve which Pena sent 498 into the left field upper deck.And yeah, that is definitely THE hardest hit baseball (in a ML game) that I have ever seen.Fortunately for him, the next hitter, Lopez, swung and missed at all 3 pitches, 2 of 3 were outside the strike zone (the boy replica Tissot T34.1.483.52 Men's watch ain't finding the plate), then La Rue, after taking 3 balls, singles on the next pitch.FORTUNATELY, Harang the pitcher is up and is kind enough to make the third out.

Duckworth then gets through the 5th with only giving up a walk to Griffey.Home runs will kill ya they were his downfall last year.I was pretty surprised he wasn't sent back out for the 6th maybe he was tired…So at this point, this jury is out.I think he seems to get unfocused and rattled easily he might could need a few more visits fom the pitching replica Tissot T04.1.255.31 Ladie's watch coach, especially if he isn't getting pitches called.I'll give him another chance.(note: full disclosure I have had private emails from Phillies fans who told me that that's EXACTLY what THEY used to say…)

John Brattain wrote a wonderful article on the Toy Cannon.Click here to read

He also had a great glove and arm.I know he isn't quite HOF, but he IS an Astros HOFer.John Brattain wrote a wonderful article on the Toy Cannon.Click here to read.Roger Clemens vs.Tim Hudson RHPWell, yall most certainly know who Tim replica Tissot T-Trend T-Minisquare Steel Black Ladie's Hudson is.He's one of Billy Beane's former Big Three, selected in the 6th round of the 97 draft out of Auburn he supposed to be 6 (cough, ahem) 160 lb and as you know, “short” guys can't pitch.Came up in 99, started 21 games, went 11-2 with a 3.23 ERA.

His pitching line for today reads replica Tissot T91.1.426.51 Men's watch and ERA 9.0, 80 pitches, 49 strikes.I had said before that he usually gets the first 2 hitters out, then runs into trouble.Which is exactly what happened in the first 2 GO, a full count single then a homer.He did fine the next 2 innings, then again in the 4th, trouble after the first out.He walked Randa (who had hit the HR in the first might could he have been a little nervous) then he threw a pitch in the dirt, which the replay CLEARLY showed did NOT hit the batter, who was given first on a “HBP”.

And for the past 3 years, it had been the same old story if the Astros were down after the 6th hey, even the 5th, might just as well turn the TV off because the game was OVAH.In the bottom of the 7th, Brad Lidge came on, struck out Freel, gave up a grounder to second (Loretta looks like Jeff Kent out there and that is NOT a compliment), then got replica Ulysse Nardin Michelangelo Gigante UTC Men's watch Phillips to ground into a nice 5-4-3 double play.8 pitches, 3 outs.Dude is probably gonna see a lot of innings on the road, away from the boos at the Box.I guess some Astros fans feel Philly has no right to corner the market on being abusive to their own players.

we did not really turn last year's Playoff Fever into a chronic disease

So basically, we did not really turn last year's Playoff Fever into a chronic disease.Most people go to see winning teams, sorry.And like I said before the season started, I will be REAL happy if we end the year at .500…..The Astros announced today that they would retire Jimmy Wynn's number 24 in a special ceremony July 8.It's about time!When you look at replica Tissot T-Touch Titanium Analog watch Jimmy's stats, please remember that he played in pitchers' parks (the Dome and Chavez Ravine) during mostly a pitchers' era.If you will notice, he managed an OPS plus of 120 during the 12 seasons that he was a full time player.

Well, Tommy Manzella made three absolutely incredible plays and turned 3 DPs and turned what would have been a fer SHER single up the middle for Bronson Arroyo into an out.Michael Bourn hit a single and an RBI double and Pence, after my bout replica Longines L2.643.6.73.2 Men's watch giving up on that boy, hit a homer almost up to the trax above the Crawford Boxes and also hit a good clean single (NOT an IF hit or a roller that squeaked through) to left center.I gots to give Clank props for the high socks first time I ever remember seeing him wear them but he keeps striking out and an incredible rate (for him) 16 K in 79 AB and he swung at a pitch that was so far out of the strike zone that he almost fell over.

I haven't seen him make a throw that strong all YEAR.This was a game worth of the Hall Of Famer He Already Is Even If He Never Played Another Game.The Astros were down 6-1 at the end of the 6th inning when Woody Williams finished.The Wood-man gave up 2 too many long flyballs same villains as yesterday- Phillips and Hamilton.It’s replica Ulysse Nardin 263-66-7 Men's watch tough to be a fly ball pitcher in the GAB as Eric Milton knows.Now all yall know we came from behind yesterday in the 8th when we were down 2-1 thank you Jason Lane.So although Luke Scott hit a homer off the tiring Bronson Arroyo in the top of the 7th, the Stros were still down 6-2.

Can you imagine the waves of hate that would have poured on Lidge

Can you imagine the waves of hate that would have poured on Lidge from the “fans” back in Houston if Lidge had actually lost this game, if Qualls had given up the tying go ahead run there? Man the dude was getting booed loudern Uncle Albert when he gave up those 5 runs when the team was already DOWN 5 runs in the 8th.That sure as replica Ulysse Nardin 223-88.383 Men's watch heck won’t build no confidence.Oh yeah before I forget Andy Pettitte got Clemensed tonight.He gave up 2 runs in 6 innings and Mariano the invincible coughed up a 3 run lead and lost the ballgame.Dude has blown more saves than Lidge. Ain’t I a stinkah?

AND he hit it to straightaway center field.Yes, you read that right.Craig Biggio hit a baseball a good 400 to straightaway center field.Does anyone remember the last time Biggio hit a homer to center? I sure don't.It was Biggio's night.The day off did him a world of good.He draws a leadoff walk to start the game.He steals second his first SB this replica Ulysse Nardin 266-66-623 Men's watch year.He alertly takes third on the bad throw by Estrada, the catcher.He scores on Berkman's groundout to second.And most amazing, in the 8th inning, he moves to his right to grab a line shot up the middle and he actually throws the runner out from almost the outfield grass behind second base!

WTF?Fifth, Phil has STILL not figured out that you cannot bring Wheeler back for a second inning of work, no matter what the pitch count.Sixth, I wanna give props to Ryan Langerhans from Round Rock, Tx, who was picked out of HS by the Braves in the 3rd round 1998, for hitting a 396 HR off Dan Wheeler in the 12th.And this is NOT a guy replica Tissot T19.1.491.52 Men's watch who is a HR hitter, neither 1 HR every 12 or so games in the minors.Last, the “official” attendance was 31,762 for a game between top aces I would bet that no more than 25 26,000 walked thru the gates.Which means that we have the usual numbers of people going to see the games this game would have been sold out last year.


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